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Metallurgical Industry

Metallurgy is the process of extracting metals or metal compounds from minerals and using various processing methods to make metals into metal materials with certain properties. Metallurgy has a long history of development, from the Stone Age to the large-scale development of modern steel smelting. The history of human development incorporates the history of metallurgical development. With the successful application of physical chemistry in metallurgy, metallurgy moves from technology to science.

Metallurgical Industry

However, the development of the metallurgical industry poses a serious threat to the environment and energy, mainly including smog pollution and emission pollution as well as high energy consumption. The use of emissions for heat recovery and product recovery will provide a reliable guarantee for the good development of the metallurgical industry.

Our plate heat exchanger provides users with energy-saving and emission-reducing heat exchanger system solutions. Because of its high heat exchange efficiency and small footprint, it can effectively handle the heat generated by the steel industry and greatly improve productivity. We can bring substantial economic benefits to our customers.

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