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Petrochemical industry

Currently, the general trend of the domestic and international petroleum refining industry is to develop into deep processing, comprehensive utilization, improving product quality, efficiency and reducing energy consumption. Therefore, the refinery equipment and heat exchange equipment are promoted to be large-sized, high-efficiency, flexible in operation, long-term operation, and conducive to the development of environmental protection and self-control.

Petrochemical industry

Our plate and shell heat exchangeris an energy-saving product that directly recovers industrial waste heat. In the past, more than 80% of the heat exchangers used in refineries were shell and tube heat exchangers, accounting for about 30% of the total refinery process equipment.The K coefficient of advanced level can reach 465~580W/(m.C), most of them are 50~150W/(m.C).Our plate and shell heat exchanger is 3~5 times higher than tube and shell heat exchanger , which can fully recover the waste heat in the refinery, and it also has high temperature and high pressure resistance.

In the production process of petrochemical industry, sulfuric acid industry and alkali industry, Our plate heat exchanger has been widely used due to its high heat exchange efficiency, small footprint, easy cleaning and maintenance, especially we are in the leading position in the use of special materials in China. Our plate heat exchanger can withstand high temperature, corrosion resistance and complex medium, and its application range has been further extended.

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