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Beverage sterilization plate heat exchanger is a must for highly clean and hygienic media

2021-10-14 03:43:00 

In the heating and cooling process requires the use of beverage sterilization plate heat exchanger. In the beverage industry, most beverages are sterilized before leaving the factory, and need to be heated up before sterilization to reach the sterilization temperature, and before filling after sterilization, need to be quickly cooled down, one is to prevent spoilage, and the other is to facilitate filling.

The special structure of the beverage sterilizationplate heat exchanger is the heating and cooling of the two processes completed in the same equipment, using a two-stage heat exchanger, in the first section to complete the heating of the beverage, the beverage in the sterilization tank to complete the sterilization, and then into the second section to complete the cooling of the beverage. With one equipment to complete the two processes, not only to save energy equipment investment costs, but also to reduce the space occupied, and convenient for on-site operation.

 Beverage sterilization plate heat exchanger

Beverage sterilizationplate heat exchanger with high requirements for health level, not only the plate and rubber strip requirements are food-grade materials, and the frame also requires the use of all stainless steel, so the two processes into one device, can significantly reduce the weight of equipment, reduce equipment investment. A variety of interface forms such as jointing flange, food quick connect and threaded connection can meet the needs of customers.

Qingdao Reapter according to the special requirements of the beverage industry, the development of beverage sterilization plate heat exchanger, not only can reduce the investment in equipment, and more suitable for the high viscosity of the beverage industry's special requirements, we have a lot of experience in the use of beverage industry, can provide you with more technical support, welcome to call us for more information.

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