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As a manufacturer of plate heat exchangers, what are the advantages of Qingdao Ruipute Heat Exchange Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd?

2019-05-14 14:39:00 

Adopting the same design software of Alfa Laval, GEA and other first-line brands to ensure the scientific, reasonable, optimized, high efficiency and stable performance of the heat exchanger design. The overall frame is made of high-quality raw materials that accord with international quality standards. Using large-scale precision equipment and production to produce. Our plate heat exchanger are with reasonable structure, exquisite craftsmanship, and beautiful appearance. It’s also with high heat exchange efficiency, high pressure bearing, corrosion resistance, compact structure, small footprint, stable operation and long service life.

plate heat exchanger

We use NBR gasket with a temperature resistance of 140 °C even in general working conditions, which makes a wider scope of application and more stable operation. Laser welding and plasma welding technologies used in the production of semi-welded heat exchangers are far ahead than other factories in China, especially in the production of special materials such as titanium, titanium palladium and Hastelloy. We have rich experience and advanced technology in the design, manufacture and use of plate heat exchangers with special working conditions and special materials.

REAPTER is a professional manufacturer that recruits agents for global partners, wholesales of plates and gaskets, and wholesale heat exchangers. The quality is equivalent to the international first-line brand, the cost-effective choice, the market is broader.

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