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Qingdao Ruipute wide flow channel plate heat exchanger processing customization

2019-05-14 16:51:00 

Qingdao Ruipute The wide-flow plate heat exchanger is a plate heat exchanger developed for special working conditions. It is specially designed for working with large particles or high viscosity. Under the above conditions, the medium can flow fully in the flow channel. It does not cause clogging and has high heat transfer performance not found in conventional tubular heat exchanger.


Compared with the general plate heat exchanger, the wide channel heat exchanger has a large plate spacing and a large cross-sectional area of a single flow channel. The cross-sectional area of the single flow channel between the plates is much larger than that of a general plate heat exchanger. The large liquid and medium flow conditions have obvious advantages. The cold fluid side forms a medium flow path with contacts between the plates for the circulating water to pass, and the hot fluid side forms a contactless between the plates. The medium passage ensures that the solid particle liquid passes smoothly, so the pressure loss is small and the fluid distribution is uniform. It has high heat transfer efficiency and long service life. Suitable for coarse particles, high viscosity and fiber-containing liquids and media, widely used in fuel ethanol, paper, sugar, alumina and other industries.

Repute is committed to the research and innovation of various complex conditions, and has developed a variety of wide-channel heat exchangers with different groove depths and different calibers. The interface diameter ranges from DN65 to DN300 to meet different flow requirements.

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