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Product Center Advanced technology, product quality is equivalent to the level of international first-line brands. Lower product prices, higher cost performance.

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Application Professional R&D team, multi-field application experience, providing comprehensive technical support services.

About ReapterQingdao Ruipute Heat Exchange Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Qingdao Ruipute Heat Exchange Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., is a new energy-saving high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, design, manufacturing, installation and trial run, technical service of high-efficiency energy-sa...



Adopting same raw material with famous brands such like Alfa Laval, Kelvion, Tranter etc.; All the special materials such like Titanium, 254 SMO, Hastelloy C-276 are imported from overseas.



We possess high precision numerical equipment, large press and vulcanizing machines. Design and produce all kinds of plates and gaskets mold Independently. A large number of professional production personnel are with us for years.



4,500 ㎡ of warehouse are with us, mass production of plate heat exchangers can assure stable quality and timely delivery. Plus we’re close to Qingdao Port and Qingdao international airport, so whether delivered by ocean or by air transport, all of them are fast.



We provide a 24 - hour consulting service, whenever you have demand, just give us a call. We also set up a experienced technical R&D team to continuously doing research on heat exchange technology and overall test and guidance to our production.

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