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Chemical plant plate heat exchanger, sulfuric acid cooling needs attention

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Chemical plant plate heat exchanger, sulfuric acid cooling needs attention
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Sulfuric acid is produced with cooling, so chemical plant plate heat exchangers are used in many applications. In the sulfuric acid purification process, power wave scrubbers, cooling towers, fiber mist eliminators and heat exchangers for sulfuric acid cooling are used.

In the sulfuric acid cooling process, the gas flows downward in the power wave scrubber and the circulating acid is sprayed upward, forming a foam zone together, and the cooling of the gas is accomplished by evaporation of the gas in the dilute acid. The material used for the latter part of the power wave scrubber is FRP. When the chemical plant plate heat exchanger is in bad working condition, after the high temperature gas enters the rear part of the equipment, it can cause melting of the equipment, and in serious cases, it can lead to fire.

Chemical plant plate heat exchanger

In addition, the gas passing through the chemical plant plate heat exchanger in dilute acid will have a large amount of impurities present, which may cause the heat exchanger to be clogged. Therefore, it is important to determine a reasonable design plan for this situation in order to avoid such conditions.

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