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High-end plate heat exchanger customization, specifically for your special working conditions

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High-end plate heat exchanger customization, specifically for your special working conditions
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With the expansion of plate heat exchanger application industries and fields, there are more and more special media and special working conditions, ordinary plate heat exchangers can no longer meet the requirements of use, the demand for high-end plate heat exchanger customization is growing, what are the conditions to meet its requirements?

High-end plate heat exchanger customization requires a variety of types of high-precision plate, the type of plate to be complete, the shape of the corrugation herringbone wave, horizontal and vertical corrugation, flat and straight corrugation, etc., slot depths ranging from 1.5mm to 12mm; and to have a precision mold, high-precision processing equipment, strict processing technology; according to the corrosiveness of the medium, the choice of suitable plate materials, to have a variety of special materials C276, G30, Ni (nickel) G30, Ni (nickel), Ti (titanium), 245SMO, 2205, etc. unique plus process. For the medium that reacts with rubber, for EPDM, NBR, HNBR, FKM, CR and other rubbers, the physical properties of the medium should be fully considered, and the influence of various additives and other trace elements should be fully considered.

High-end plate heat exchanger customization

In addition to having plate, rubber and other accessories type, material complete, but also to be able to each special media or mixed media, heating, hot and cold, evaporation and condensation and other working conditions have mature selection experience and advanced selection software. Only with the right plate type can perfectly match the working conditions, so that the heat transfer and resistance to achieve a balance, that is, to meet the heat transfer requirements, but also to achieve a lower resistance loss, reduce operating costs and improve service life.

Qingdao REAPTER has many years of experience in customizing high-end plate heat exchangers, and can provide you with suitable and durable high-end products based on the actual operating conditions, selecting the right model, with high-precision plates and material matching rubber strips, and considering from many aspects.

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