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These causes of chemical plate heat exchanger gasket aging you may not know

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These causes of chemical plate heat exchanger gasket aging you may not know
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The chemical plate heat exchanger gasketis an extremely critical component, and the requirements for the gasket are extremely high in strong corrosive media. When we use, we will find that the gasket aging. What is the cause of this?

For chemical plate heat exchanger gaskets, the elastic properties can be eroded for thermal and chemical reasons, directly leading to a gradual reduction in performance. In general, the factors affecting the life of the gasket can be summarized as follows:1. The impact of the location. Gasket use will be affected by light, climate and the surrounding environment. The life of the gasket will be different for heat exchangers placed outdoors compared to those placed indoors. 2. The effect of working conditions: changes in temperature and pressure have a significant impact on the life of the gasket. 

chemical plate heat exchanger gasket

In the case of changing operating conditions, the peak impact on the gasket is more deadly than a long period of constant load. Similarly, longer downtime working time will have some impact on gasket life.3. Influence of flowing medium: The medium flowing through different plate designs has a greater impact on the life of the gasket. How to choose the right seal, fluid materials and use conditions can not be perfect, cooling, heating additives, inhibitors and other mixtures are often ignored in the design process, these substances are easy to penetrate the seal, the physical properties of the seal damage.

The above is the chemical plate heat exchanger gasket causes related to the introduction made, more about the plate heat exchanger content, please off Ripert official website!

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