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A high-quality petrochemical plate heat exchanger in the production of what to consider

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A high-quality petrochemical plate heat exchanger in the production of what to consider
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Petrochemical products are closely related to our lives, from space ships, airplanes, cars on the ground, to our daily use of computers, desks, clothing, a variety of building materials, etc., all have a close relationship with petrochemicals. The petrochemical industry provides us with all kinds of daily necessities, so that we can enjoy a comfortable and convenient life with abundant food and clothing. And petrochemical production needs to use petrochemical plate heat exchanger, so you know the heat exchange equipment in the production of what to take into account? Here today a brief introduction.

1: heat transfer area; is the requirement of petrochemical plate heat exchanger heat transfer effect to meet the requirements of the working conditions, and has a high heat transfer efficiency. 2; anti-corrosion; we all know that chemical products generally have a strong corrosive, so it requires the use of equipment materials to meet the use of media corrosion strength. 3; high temperature, high pressure; is the requirement of the heat exchanger to meet the working conditions of the use of temperature and pressure. So the quality of raw materials used and production technology must pass, which requires the production plant has mature technology and process production process standards.

high-quality petrochemical plate heat exchanger

Want to produce a high-quality petrochemical plate heat exchanger above these are the basic requirements, Qingdao Ripert has a full range of imported original selection software, according to the use of different conditions to put forward the optimal design, the production of products to ensure high quality under the premise of the customer's investment costs can also be reduced by more than 50%.

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