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The way to choose a suitable China wide gap plate heat exchanger

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The way to choose a suitable China wide gap plate heat exchanger
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The China wide gap plate heat exchanger is a necessary equipment in many working conditions. Its characteristic is the wide gap, specially designed for large particles and high viscosity medium. Many manufacturers claim to be able to produce such devices, but the actual performance is not satisfactory. Therefore, it is very important to choose a reliable manufacturer.

The so-called wide runner is the wide runner on the plate. Many manufacturers do not produce their own plate, let alone the production of the plate die. If you can produce plates can also process the mold factory that is even less common, Qingdao Ruipute is such a. Because the plates can be processed by themselves, the machining accuracy and heat transfer efficiency of the plates can be controlled.

wide gap plate heat exchanger

It is far from enough to have a plate, and scientific design selection. Now many factories still maintain the traditional way of manual calculation, the design is not very accurate, but the selection of advanced import software Qingdao Rupert is not the same. All software is up to date with Alfa Laval and can provide efficient and economical heat exchangers for any operating conditions. Not to mention the wide runner type.

If you want to choose a wide runner plate heat exchanger manufacturers do not roll over, you have to keep your eyes open. Recently, a lot of customers came to visit our factory, and they were very satisfied with our design and production. They expressed their desire to cooperate with us on the spot. However, to be able to provide each company with high quality heat exchange efficiency stable equipment, is also the cause we have been pursuing, and therefore, we can do better.

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