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What are the measures to prevent corrosion and ruipute of stainless steel plate heat exchanger?

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What are the measures to prevent corrosion and ruipute of stainless steel plate heat exchanger?
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Stainless steel plate heat exchanger damage is the direct cause of the stress corrosion caused by chloride ions rupture, steam side is also accompanied by crevice corrosion and pitting. The following Qingdao Ruipute plate heat exchanger manufacturers to prevent the stainless steel plate heat exchanger corrosion cracking measures.

First, To prevent the mixing of steam and water: measures should be taken to prevent the raw water from entering the steam side. For example, adjust the pressure reducing device to adjust the pressure of steam to be higher than the water pressure on the water side to prevent water from entering the steam side. Check the seal rubber ring, and replace the aging seal ring in time. Of course, the heater structural form of transformation, replaced by a tubular heater to prevent the two-phase medium is the best measure to mix.

Second, adjust the heat exchanger plate and the gap between the plate, avoid the mechanical friction between the plate, reduce the mechanical vibration stress.

ss plate and frame heat exchanger

Third, in the heater manufacturing process, the plate after stamping, should carry out the necessary heat treatment to eliminate their own stress. Can consider the choice of duplex stainless steel instead of 316 stainless steel.

Fourth, the heater steam side of the condensate on a regular basis to analyze the chlorine ion content of the water to check, grasp the heating steam chlorine ion change, so as to deal with in time.

Fifth, optimize the heat exchanger before the dosing process design, such as the coagulant and sodium hypochlorite dosing point moved to the heater after the location, and increase the dosing point at the mixer, in order to ensure that the agent has sufficient time to mix, fully react, reduce the chlorine content of heated raw water.

The stainless steel plate heat exchanger produced by Qingdao Ruipute can handle up to 2500m3/H, with a pressure of 100bar and a temperature resistance of 450 degrees, which is suitable for severe working conditions. In addition, the plate sheet is made of various materials, more special materials such as titanium and hastelloy, etc. The advantages are obvious, high stability and good quality of automatic welding. Contact us now can also give you free selection, as well as the overall heat transfer program, what are you waiting for, hurry to make an appointment!

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