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The small corrugation of the plate heat exchanger plate has such a big effect!

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The small corrugation of the plate heat exchanger plate has such a big effect!
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When we were looking at a plate heat exchanger, it was spectacular that the plates were stacked together. As the core component of the plate heat exchanger, the role of the plate does not need to be described, so what role does the various plate corrugations have?

The corrugation of the plate heat exchanger is mainly shevron, but there are many other corrugations, which will not be described here. Plate heat exchange element, its function mainly has the following three:


1. Artificially induced turbulence. It is with all kinds of ripples that turbulence can be manually intervened to achieve our preset effect and improve heat exchange efficiency.

2. The rigidity of the plate heat exchanger plate is enhanced. After the plate type is compressed, a large number of metal contacts are formed to withstand the working pressure. The increased rigidity of the plate can enhance the overall pressure resistance.

3. Because the change of the ripples is endless, this allows the heat exchanger to easily increase the heat transfer area.

The plate heat exchanger plate produced by Qingdao Reapter Heat Exchange Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has high precision and long service life. It is pressed by a large press. The process and quality control are kept at the same level as the world brands such as Alfa Laval and GEA.

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