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A heat exchanger manufacturer in China that has same quality with Alfa Laval

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A heat exchanger manufacturer in China that has same quality with Alfa Laval
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As the world's largest heat exchanger manufacturer, Alfa Laval's R&D equipment can be applied to many industries, among which the R&D of semi-welded plate heat exchanger can be applied to refrigeration, chemical and other industrial industries.

What are the characteristics of the semi-welded type? Efficient seal design, special medium flow channel is adopt welding process, welding between plate and plate, form sealing channel, avoid the risk of the strip is not resistant to medium, has realized the long seal, no risk of cross contamination between plate laser welding and become, is different from ordinary glue sealing equipment, welding type can bear high pressure and high temperature medium, in addition, a half and welded passes elaborate design, also has depth and Angle of herringbone ripple, improvement in thermal efficiency effectively.

heat exchanger manufacturer

Such technical requirements of the industry, not all heat exchanger of dare to go to business, but Qingdao Ruipute enough self-confidence, can produce perfect completely replace the Alfa Laval half welded plate heat exchanger equipment, senior engineer team, we have the industry has been 13 years studying the application of plate heat exchanger and manufacturing, in view of the special working condition can choose the most appropriate version, to develop a perfect solution, if you are need a plate heat exchanger, and welcome to Ruipute, our engineers will work out the most suitable products for you.


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