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Introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of plate heat exchangers

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Introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of plate heat exchangers
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Everything in the world has two sides, no exceptions. Plate heat exchangers are naturally no exception, with obvious advantages and disadvantages. However, from the point of view of the mean, everything can be complementary and balanced. Today, I will talk about some of its shortcomings. Nothing is perfect, we can achieve an optimal combination by learning from each other, so as to achieve the ideal state.

Disadvantage one, the problem of tightness. The material of the gasket used for different media is different, and the temperature and pressure during use are conditions that cannot be ignored and play an important role, so how to choose the corresponding media is very important. In addition, 
Should also consider the aging of the material itself, the service life is greatly affected. 
The second disadvantage is the pressure problem. As we all know, the use pressure of the gasket-type plate heat exchanger does not exceed 2.5MPa, and it cannot be used if it exceeds this pressure. 
Therefore, none of the working conditions above this pressure are applicable. 
Compared with these shortcomings, its high heat exchange efficiency, wide application scenarios, compact structure, better return on investment and cost-effective advantages can completely cover up this. It is very appropriate to use it here. 
This kind of equipment has both heat exchange and refrigeration functions. It is also very difficult, and it is ideally reflected in it.

The shortcomings of the plate heat exchanger are not a problem, how to make full use of its advantages is the problem. 
In many cases, we will lose sight of Taishan because of a leaf, but it is worthwhile to find the point or those points that we want through comprehensive consideration.

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