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Plate heat exchanger factory: Qingdao Ruipute's advantages-optimization design

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Plate heat exchanger factory: Qingdao Ruipute's advantages-optimization design
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For plate heat exchangers, each plant has its own characteristics. Qingdao Ruipute plate heat exchanger factory has advantages that other manufacturers do not have. In terms of optimized design, it is mainly reflected in the following four points:

plate heat exchanger factory1, The design of the heat exchange area handling capacity and interface caliber

The minimum / maximum veneer heat exchange area is 0.025 / 3.5?;

the maximum installed area of a single heat exchanger is 1500?;

the maximum processing capacity of a single heat exchanger is 3000m³ / h;

the maximum interface diameter is 500mm; the maximum corrugation depth is 12.5mm.

2, Plate heat exchangers are rich in plate types, with more than 400 plate types

Different board types have various types such as size angle, horizontal and vertical corrugation, deep and shallow corrugation, and different board types are designed and applied in different use scenarios and media.

Plate corrugated patterns are: herringbone corrugated, horizontal and straight corrugated, horizontal and vertical corrugated.

3, Rich flow channel design and efficient heat exchange rate

The logarithmic temperature difference of its heat exchange can reach at least 0.5 °. The rich flow channel design can improve the heat exchange efficiency.

4, The company has many advanced selection software

According to the various working conditions of the customer, the model selection can be optimized through the computer, and combined with the rich operating experience, the best model and plate type combination can be selected to maximize the thermal efficiency.

Make every effort to provide customers with the most suitable products and solutions, save equipment investment costs, and strive for the greatest economic benefits. Due to the compact size of the selected equipment, it reduces floor space and installation costs, low resistance and maximum heat utilization, which can greatly reduce equipment operating costs.

Qingdao Ruipute plate heat exchanger Factory actively increased the research and development costs to invest in the optimized design of the plate heat exchanger, making the heat exchanger more efficient, better in design and more stable in operation.

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