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How exactly does a plate heat exchanger last up to 10 years?

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How exactly does a plate heat exchanger last up to 10 years?
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How long do you think the heat exchanger will last? Generally we think that more than five years of trouble-free operation is good equipment, is saying that our technical chief engineer interrupted the conversation, we Our plate heat exchanger has a service life of up to 10 years and we have great confidence in this process," said the technical chief engineer of the company. .

If a heat exchanger only has a three-year service life, the purchase cost is high; frequent problems and high maintenance costs; how can we make the service life of 10 years?

First, is to choose the right type. This is the key, for different conditions, choose the type of plate heat exchanger is not the same, according to the heat transfer, the use of media and other have Targeted Analysis. Design a reasonable heat transfer area, some manufacturers make a big deal about the heat transfer area, which I beg to differ.

cleaning method of Ruipute plate heat exchanger

Second, the choice of raw materials used. For different working conditions, choose different types of, suitable raw materials is also a knowledge, in general terms, the ordinary working conditions 304 and 316 Stainless steel is enough, but special corrosive media to use titanium, Hastelloy, 254SMO, etc..

Third, speaking of choice, but also choose the right gasket, our home can do the gasket material mainly NBR, EPDM, HNBR, HEPDM, VITON, each material corresponding to the temperature and medium is not the same, so choose the right for a long service life is also helpful.

Fourth, the last point is, maintenance. No matter how good the equipment, without maintenance will not be used for a long time. There are many levels of maintenance, such as the protection of the overall structure, the regular cleaning of the internal fouling, regular inspection and replacement of the plate rubber and so on. Without a proper maintenance is very difficult to use for a long time.

Well, if you want your plate heat exchanger life used to more than 10 years, our technical chief engineer said these points you have to study and learn more about the equipment, please pay regular attention to our knowledge.

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