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These factors have become the key to the fierce competition for industrial plate heat exchangers

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These factors have become the key to the fierce competition for industrial plate heat exchangers
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The industrial plate heat exchanger involves the heating, cooling, evaporation and condensation of every production link in all walks of life.Stable operation, excellent heat exchange effect of the product must be everyone's urgent need.It is not difficult to make a crazy equipment, difficult more than ten years of adherence to the quality, of course, quality is also reflected in several factors above.

In order to meet the requirements of different working conditions and different links, different plates with different shapes, different ripple designs, different materials and different thickness are required.Of course, design of a single board, the veneer of the board area is different, different interface, the handling capacity of a single unit is also different.In order to increase the flexibility of the application, it is also a feature that can increase or decrease the number and flow of the board.Such a rich design also facilitates the selection of models.Good products are not cheap, but cheap and good products sell well.The rich plate shape also further enhances the product economy, lays the foundation for the customer's choice.The choice of sealing gasket is also rich and diverse, in water, water vapor, acid and alkali solution can be made of EPDM material, water, oil can be made of butylene material, fluorine rubber can be used in strong acid, strong alkali medium.

industrial plate heat exchanger

Industrial plate heat exchanger is widely used in oil refining, fine chemical, decarbonization, desulfurization, ethylene glycol units, jacket water cooling and other organic chemical;It can also be used in ionic membrane caustic soda, fertilizer plant, sugar, paper and other inorganic chemical;Can also be in nonferrous metals, alumina, sulfuric acid cooling, inorganic salt solution evaporation conditions.There are also industrial steel works, coking plants, waste water, emulsion, circulating water cooling and so on.If you have one of the above conditions, welcome to try this equipment, good performance will be popular.

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