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The original lubricant in the chemical plate heat exchanger plays so many roles!

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The original lubricant in the chemical plate heat exchanger plays so many roles!
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We all know that the chemical plate heat exchanger its status in the chemical production is widely used. Equipment for a long time to use the machine internal and external cleaning, maintenance, in the maintenance process is the need to use to the lubricant, then I will give you an introduction to the lubricant in the chemical plate heat exchanger can play what role?

1, cleaning role: chemical production equipment can remove excess impurities through the cycle of lubricating oil, and filter through the filter. 2, reduce friction: in the equipment friction material surface added lubricating oil can effectively reduce the impact of friction, so as to achieve reduced friction resistance and save energy. 3, reduce wear: in the equipment added lubricating oil to reduce mechanical wear, adhesive wear, etc. 4, rust role: lubricating oil can also play the role of isolation, reduce air, water droplets, water vapor, corrosive gases and liquids, dust, oxides, etc. lead to corrosion. 5, reduce costs: in many cases, adding lubricating oil to the equipment makes it possible to maintain efficiency and shorten the time used for maintenance.

 chemical plate heat exchanger

Although lubricating oil can make chemical plate heat exchanger keep good operation for a long time, but if the use of poor quality lubricating oil, lubricating oil add and replace improperly, it will bring great damage to the equipment, resulting in equipment can not be used. So in the operation of the operation, must be careful, careful.

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