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In the beer brewing process, how can we use “Alfa Laval“ plate heat exchangers with less money

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In the beer brewing process, how can we use
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Summer is here, and beer has become the main choice for summer people to cool off, especially in Qingdao, as the birthplace of Tsingtao Beer, "eating clams and drinking beer" has become synonymous with Qingdao. 
To produce good beer, temperature control is very important, and in temperature control, plate heat exchangers play a very important role, and the requirements for heat exchangers are also extremely high.

Here we are going to introduce our loyal "fan" Tsingtao Brewery. At that time, our engineers received a consultation from the Tsingtao Brewery manufacturer. Because the working conditions are relatively complicated, the temperature needs to be reduced from 100 degrees after passing through the heat exchanger. 

The large temperature difference of 8°C and 92°C followed by the technical difficulty passed two-thirds of the domestic heat exchanger manufacturers. Before finding us, the customer was planning to modify the cost of the heat exchanger link in the production line costing. 

beer plate heat exchangers

, Alfa Laval original heat exchangers are expensive, which will greatly reduce the profit of the production line. If there is an alternative to Alfa Laval, it would be great.

The engineer customized a two-stage plate heat exchanger for the customer through the detailed working condition data provided by the customer. The first stage reduces the temperature of the wort from 100 degrees to 35 degrees, and the second stage reduces the temperature from 35 degrees to 8 degrees. 
, Only one heat exchanger is used to solve the customer’s problem, which not only saves costs, but also improves production efficiency, and it serves multiple purposes; after a period of actual use in the customer’s production line, the customer feedback to our engineers that the cooling effect is very good 
Good, the production line has been running normally, and when the production line is added, we will find us to communicate the purchase again.

Of course, what seems to be a simple solution to the customer is actually a manifestation of RPT's strong technical strength: here is a team of senior engineers with 20 years of experience in the industry, and they have tens of thousands of differences in their minds. 
Solutions for different working conditions in the industry, in conjunction with Alfa Laval’s original factory selection software, to provide customers with better solutions; the team of engineers is constantly upgrading technology, heat exchanger technology updates and Alfa Laval, GEA and other industries 
The predecessors are consistent.

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