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Titanium plate heat exchanger is widely used in the marine industry

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Titanium plate heat exchanger is widely used in the marine industry
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Seawater is a system rich in multiple metal elements, but the content of the most is chlorine ions, chlorine ions have corrosive, so in contact with seawater in the industry, the choice of anti-corrosion materials is a common consideration.

Ships and marine engineering development is relatively good and stable engineering, the development of the marine economy is bound to make a difference. In some of the ship's various projects, have the use of plate heat exchanger.

alfa laval plate heat exchanger

Titanium plate heat exchanger in the use of the ship is mainly water-making machine, engine oil cooling, engine cooling, etc., in some coastal ports. The docks use this equipment especially. Big international brands such as Alfa Laval and GEA were the first to enter the marine heat exchanger industry, with other international Catching up.

Qingdao Ruipute has always been at the forefront of the use of special materials, such as titanium, hastelloy, 254SMO, etc. These materials are imported from Korea, Japan and the United States. These raw materials are imported from Korea, Japan and the USA. The use of original raw materials is also a prerequisite to ensure high quality heat exchangers.

Titanium plate plate heat exchanger, the plate all use imported titanium pressed, corrosion resistance, high heat transfer efficiency, smooth surface without fouling layer. Low specific gravity and high strength. Specially suitable for use in heat exchangers for ships and other heat transfer projects. We have accumulated a lot of experience in this area.

marine heat exchanger

The vigorous development of the shipbuilding industry is inseparable from the use of heat exchangers, of course, not only the shipbuilding industry, salt manufacturing industry is also a large number of chlorine ions, with stainless steel, then, not much time on the corrosion away, leading to internal media string liquid, affecting production, titanium plate plate heat exchanger appears well to improve the use of efficiency, but also to resist the corrosive seawater medium provides a solution.

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