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What are the applications of plate and shell heat exchanger in the field of petroleum refining

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What are the applications of plate and shell heat exchanger in the field of petroleum refining
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Petroleum refining output is one of the important indicators representing a country's industrial capacity. There are a variety of petroleum cracking products. The light industrial chemicals produced by petroleum cracking are important raw materials for our light industrial products, such as clothing, food, housing and transportation. Therefore, plate and shell heat exchangers will be widely used.

In the process of ethylene refining, a key equipment is called cracking furnace. According to the actual working conditions, cracking furnace is divided into heavy oil furnace, light oil furnace and gas furnace. Each cracking furnace is equipped with linear quench heat exchanger model (SLE). Each SLE shares a drum and a set of ascending and descending tubes to form a quench heat exchanger system.

plate and shell heat exchanger

The heat exchanger used in this quench heat exchanger system is plate and shell heat exchanger. In the petroleum refining process, the quench water at the bottom of the tower is preliminarily separated by the oil-water separator. The quench water is used as the circulating cooling medium to cool the cracking products. The quench water after heat recovery is used as the preheating of raw materials and tower feed heating to meet the temperature requirements of all parties. After preheating, quench water is cooled to 55 ? to 38 ? by cooling water circulation, and then returns to the tower to cool the material after reaction.

In this process, the plate and shell heat exchanger is indispensable. The use of plate and shell heat exchanger makes the process to minimize the water supplement, reduce the water discharge, reduce energy consumption, and protect the environment.

Compared with shell and tube heat exchanger, shell and plate heat exchanger has higher heat exchange efficiency, smaller equipment volume, high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance and no fear of medium chemical composition corrosion.

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