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Detachable plate heat exchanger plate corrosion and gasket aging causes, the reason you want to know is here

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Detachable plate heat exchanger plate corrosion and gasket aging causes, the reason you want to know is here
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The development of imported detachable plate heat exchanger gaskets has a history of more than 100 years. Although they are widely used in food, chlor-alkali, pharmaceutical, waste heat recovery and other fields, the defects of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and low pressure limit its updating and upgrading. Today will be separately about the import plate heat exchanger seal gasket corrosion and aging of what are the causes.

detachable plate heat exchanger

Import plate heat exchanger plate material is mostly stainless steel, corrosion resistance is strong, but once the surface passivation film is destroyed, it will produce uniform or local corrosion. After analysis, most of its corrosion is stress corrosion of chloride ion. The reasons are mainly as follows. Firstly, the plates are formed by mechanical cold stamping, which inevitably has residual stress on the surface. If there is no molybdenum element, it is very difficult to eliminate the stress. Secondly, after the plate is assembled, a large number of gaps are formed. The top of the plate ripples cross each other to form a large number of contacts. There are gaps. These two are the most common causes of plate corrosion.

Sealing gasket is the import plate heat exchanger internal irreplaceable important sealing parts, the reason of its aging is nothing more than the following several, the first is the medium and rubber gasket contact, can extract the soluble substance in the medium, swelling phenomenon. The second is that the presence of halogens and ozone makes the gasket easy to become soft or stress corrosion cracking. The third is that the change of high temperature or temperature is another reason for the aging of the gasket.

Due to the same production process and quality standard of European brands, Qingdao Ruipute imported plate heat exchanger plates and sealing gaskets are very good in corrosion resistance and aging resistance. Over the past 13 years, regular customers come to us every day to replace the boards they purchased from us many years ago, and they generally speak highly of our good quality and durability. Customer satisfaction is the pursuit of every Rupert, if you need to welcome to consult.

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