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China heat exchanger manufacturers, breakthrough years of technology monopoly on this point!

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China heat exchanger manufacturers, breakthrough years of technology monopoly on this point!
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Projects require heat exchanger, heat exchanger manufacturers many people go for Alfa Laval, this is in addition to because the Alfa Laval factory now has 100 years of production research and development and industry condition of practical experience, on the other hand is also due to foreign technology monopoly, makes the domestic production industry has been unable to break through the barriers of the heat exchanger. Domestic heat exchanger price low quality is not good, choose Alfa Laval, GEA will have to spend 2-3 times the price, the cost is too high.

With the vision of opening the door to the heat exchanger industry, Qingdao Ruipute forward the corporate values of "being thick, virtuous, faithful, honest, and innovative" at the beginning of its development, combining the traditional Chinese culture with the spirit of unremitting self-improvement, and making its own contribution to the society. The quality management system of the company adopts The European CE standard and the American ASME standard, and is standard for Alfa Laval. The raw material supplier of the company is produced by alfa Laval in the same factory. The production process and technology upgrade of the company are standard for Alfa Laval.

China heat exchanger manufacturer

All this behind and aligning with Alfa Laval is put a strong R&D technical team, senior engineer team of 20 years of industry experience, strip the actual working condition of testing and research and development laboratory, above 10 years operating workers plate, production of plate heat exchanger, plate and strip continuous 13 years exports abroad, services included WRC, chemical industry, Qingdao Haier, thousands of high-tech enterprises.

Rui put has been firmly believe that a company produces the product quality is proportional to the the whole company's ideological level, 13 years more and more foreign manufacturers also gradually give up Alfa Laval, GEA product selection put, proved the Ruipute insist on development idea is correct, let made in China toward the outside world, the first thing to keep up with international steps on thought.

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