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Manufacturer laser welded prices for plate and shell heat exchangers

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Manufacturer laser welded prices for plate and shell heat exchangers
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Before we say more about the manufacturer's laser-welded plate and shell heat exchanger prices, let's look at the product: laser-welded plate and shell heat exchanger. Mainly refers to the internal heat transfer core is formed by the heat transfer plate sheets welded together to form a plate pack, for welding technology requirements are higher. However, high heat transfer performance, low maintenance costs, can be used in a variety of harsh conditions, therefore, equivalent to the plate heat exchanger, its price may be To be higher.

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The price is determined by several factors:

1. Fluctuations in the price of raw materials and labor costs can have an impact on its overall price. The price of stainless steel and special materials such as titanium is not constant, so it is best to buy only when the price is stable.


2. The welding of plate pack is difficult and the process is complicated. Qingdao Ruipute can be the first in the industry to achieve fully automated welding, ensuring precision and safety.


3. Operation cost. If you can find a factory like Qingdao Riput, direct take, factory direct sale, source supplier, it is bound to be the lowest price. But if you get the product from an intermediate channel that's not good, because after all, the operating costs are different.


4. The influence of supply and demand. Value determines the price, supply and demand affects the price, at present in the market, the demand for plate and shell heat exchanger is still relatively high. First, because the product can withstand high temperature and high pressure, high heat transfer efficiency, corrosion resistance, wide range of application, and second, because the country for energy saving The strong advocacy of emission reduction to achieve recycling of resources has a very real significance. So the current impact on the price is still more.


See here must have understood, want to get the lowest manufacturer laser welding plate shell heat exchanger price is ultimately to choose the right factory, a large professional production plant is bound to be able to bring stable products, and stable quality.

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