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Qingdao Ruipute titanium plate plate heat exchanger equipment manufacturers, you can trust!

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Qingdao Ruipute titanium plate plate heat exchanger equipment manufacturers, you can trust!
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Titanium plate plate heat exchanger, as a special material heat exchanger, used in many special media, titanium plate because of its own self-healing properties, so in the use of occasions, has no other material advantages.

Titanium plate can be used in seawater aquaculture and chlorine ion content is relatively high in the medium. The general stainless steel is sensitive to the corrosion of the medium containing chlorine ions, but titanium plate has a certain self-healing properties, in the concentration of chlorine ions greater than 200mg / L, the temperature is less than 130 degrees in the medium, titanium plate is the most suitable material. So many manufacturers of marine aquaculture, in order to more long-term use of heat exchanger, will choose titanium plate as the material of the plate, although the price is high, but long service life, eliminating a lot of subsequent maintenance and replacement of the trouble.

Qingdao Ruipute titanium plate plate heat exchanger

Titanium plates can be used in hot spring water. There are chemicals and special media in the hot spring water, which are corrosive to the plate, and it is difficult to use the general material for a long time. So many hot spring places, when using heat exchanger, titanium plate heat exchanger is preferred, many years without changing the plate, it is also a convenience for them.

Titanium plate in the boiling point below the organic acids (concentrated nitric acid, concentrated carbonic acid, etc.) and dilute alkali, corrosion resistance is also good.

As a professional manufacturer of titanium plate heat exchanger, Qingdao Ruipute has more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing special materials, such as titanium plate, Hastelloy, nickel plate and 254SMO. Our titanium plates are made of raw materials imported from Japan, which ensures the quality of the plates. Consult now to get free design plan!

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