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Plate heat exchanger for Tsingtao Brewery? This plate heat exchanger manufacturer is unusual.

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Plate heat exchanger for Tsingtao Brewery?  This plate heat exchanger manufacturer is unusual.
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Tsingtao Brewery is well-known all over the world for its unique taste. In fact, in the manufacturing process of Tsingtao Brewery, it is inseparable from a key equipment-plate heat exchanger.

In the beer manufacturing process, the boiling and cooling of the wort is inseparable. After adding hot water to the crushed malt to make the wort, it is catalyzed by adding enzymes, but the wort must be boiled before being put into the fermentation process. 
Boiling is to heat the wort with hops to 100 degrees Celsius to remove the odorous substances in the raw materials and at the same time eliminate the ineffective components in the hops, so that the beer has a unique color, aroma and taste.

The traditional boiling process is to set a heating coil inside the boiling pot and transfer high-temperature steam from outside the pot to boil the malt. This process has high energy consumption, is not conducive to economic benefits, and is low in efficiency. 
It is not conducive to the production efficiency of the product, but the steam discharged from the boiling pot can reach the higher temperature and pressure steam that is reheated after passing through the spiral steam compressor, and then the steam is passed into the plate heat exchanger 
, And the other side of the plate heat exchanger is connected with wort. Using this method, the steam generated by the boiler is used at the beginning of production, but when the system is activated, using this method can greatly reduce the energy consumption of the system. 
At the same time, the heating efficiency of the wort is increased, which can adjust and control the evaporation of water that has a great influence on the taste in real time, ensuring the stability of beer taste.

plate heat exchanger imported

There are many types of plate heat exchangers in the market, and good and bad products are uneven. If unqualified plate heat exchangers can be used, not only leakage is prone to occur, but more importantly, it will cause pollution to beer production. Qingdao RPT has a wealth of 
The manufacturing experience of plate heat exchangers for beer, and more importantly, it has strict quality control to ensure that each heat exchanger can operate safely and smoothly for a long time during use. Qingdao Ripute is your beer 
The best choice for plate heat exchangers.

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