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Waste heat recovery plate heat exchanger of blast furnace slag water

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Waste heat recovery plate heat exchanger of blast furnace slag water
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In recent years, China's metallurgy has developed rapidly, and the output of pig iron accounts for more than 50% of the world's total output. At the same time, China's metallurgical industry has a high energy consumption rate, with a huge space for energy conservation and market potential. With the continuous improvement of energy saving and consumption reduction and comprehensive utilization of resources in iron and steel enterprises, the energy industrial structure has changed, and it has become the development trend of iron and steel enterprises to strengthen the optimal utilization of energy, develop circular economy, and utilize waste heat and energy. Under the influence of good environment, the exploitation and utilization of waste heat and energy, especially the waste heat resources of blast furnace slag water, has become a trend.Waste heat recovery of blast furnace slag is one of the energy saving directions in China in the next 10 years.

Blast furnace melting slag temperature up to 1400 ~ 1500?, high heat, is a high quality waste heat resources.The treatment process is mainly water quenching in China.A large amount of high temperature slag is cooled by slag water, and a large amount of hot water at 70 ~ 85?is produced.Usually, in order to ensure the recycling effect of the slag water, it is necessary to introduce this part of the slag water into the air cooling tower after precipitation filtration, and then recycle the slag after cooling to below 50 ° C, or continue to recycle the slag after natural cooling. A lot of heat is lost for nothing, which not only causes energy waste, but also causes thermal pollution to the environment.As an efficient heat exchanger, the wide-channel plate heat exchanger is becoming an important equipment for waste heat recovery and utilization of blast furnace slag water due to its characteristics such as low pressure drop, high heat transfer efficiency, not easy scaling, no blocking, easy maintenance and so on.

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In order to ensure the highest safety, reliability and durability, Rupter conducts detailed tests on waste heat recovery wide-channel plate heat exchangers, with particular emphasis on pressure fatigue, temperature fatigue and corrosion resistance.Comprehensive reliability and multi-benefit innovative design make waste heat recovery wide-channel plate heat exchanger more cost-effective in special industrial heat transfer solutions.

Ruipute has been working in the field of heat exchanger metallurgy for 13 years. With alfa Laval and GEA original plant selection software, We have a complete set of alfa Laval and GEA models, which can propose different solutions for various working conditions and meet the requirements of various working conditions.If you are looking for high quality waste heat recovery wide channel plate heat exchanger manufacturers, Rupert trustworthy.

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