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Analysis of the future direction of development of plate heat exchanger

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Analysis of the future direction of development of plate heat exchanger
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After a period of development in any field, a process of "metamorphosis" is inevitable, which can also be understood as innovation! So in terms of being a plate heat exchanger manufacturer, the next plate heat exchanger is a little bit of an explanation!

    The main problems with the current plate heat exchanger are.

1, The sealing gasket is easy to age and cannot withstand high temperature and pressure.

2, For the high viscosity of the medium, can not be resolved.

3, For ultra-large projects can not meet at once, requiring a lot of cost inputs.

4, the current range of use is still too limited.

    In response to these four main problems, the next R&D direction of Ruipute will be one of this field. The broad guesses are as follows.

development of plate heat exchanger

1?Develop a new material gasket, and continuously improve the vulcanization process of the thermal experiment, which can meet the working conditions above 170 ?, and gradually replace the shortcomings of all-welded can not be cleaned and maintained.

2?Search for more suitable stainless steel materials, through the high-precision press, the design of the largest wide flow channel plate, improve the plate corrugated structure, the use of "stream" type layout.

3?For power plants, super high rise, heating station, need more than one or more plate exchange. To develop a larger plate for a larger one-time installation to improve the heat transfer area, mainly facing the customer group is the special demanding conditions! .

4?With the intensity of the industry, the current field has been unable to meet the development of plate heat exchanger, we need to open up new equipment can meet the new industry, so that non-rigid standards into hard standards.

The above is a small plate heat exchanger for you to explain, I hope it will help you, if you need to contact us in time. We will be happy to serve you!

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