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Qingdao Ruipute plate heat exchanger to provide solutions for the ship's thermal system

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Qingdao Ruipute plate heat exchanger to provide solutions for the ship's thermal system
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    When you sail out to sea, far from home, miles deep, the only company you have is the endless turquoise water. And blue skies. In addition, you need a strong, stable and reliable thermal system to keep your ship running. There is only one chance, Qingdao Ruipute offers many types of plate heat exchanger to provide solutions for optimizing the thermal system of a ship.

marine plate heat exchanger

    The plate heat exchanger and hull heat exchanger designed and manufactured by Qingdao Ruipute provide stable and reliable heat transfer efficiency for closed circuit cooling systems of ships, including seawater desalination, seawater production, HVAC, turbine oil cooling and other applications.

    Our heat exchangers are designed to provide consistently high efficiency and overall stability while maintaining efficiency for a variety of offshore closed circuit cooling systems and other onboard applications including fresh water production and HVAC systems.

    Typically, marine plate heat exchangers are characterized by the use of titanium pressed into sheets because of its durability and longevity, and importantly, its strong performance against the corrosive effects of seawater, as well as the compactness and light weight of the titanium plate heat exchanger, making it easy to replace and maintain.


The plate heat exchanger provided by Qingdao Ruipute is able to bring a combination of high efficiency and economic performance, which can not be replaced by other bulky and expensive products, and it provides a lot of features for ocean going, ship operation, platform operation, seawater desalination and refined salt manufacturing.

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