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How to determine the pressure test experiment of plate heat exchanger?

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How to determine the pressure test experiment of plate heat exchanger?
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As we all know, the appearance, quality and performance of plate heat exchangers must be tested before they leave the factory. Among them, a very important item is the tightness test. In general, the plate heat exchanger pressure test experiment.
The pressure test proves that the heat exchanger can work stably under the experimental pressure, so it also proves the reliability of long-term operation under the redesign pressure.
So how should we perform stress testing?
What kinds of stress tests are there?
And what are our general stress test standards?

The first is the type of pressure test. Generally speaking, there are two types of pressure test: air pressure test and water pressure test. In the air pressure test, compressed air is injected. After the test pressure is reached, observe the pressure gauge degree and maintain it for half an hour without change.
, And check that the whole machine is leak-free, and the water pressure test also needs to check the concentration of chloride ions in the test water, which should not be higher than 25mg/L.

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Regardless of the test, the pressure must be increased slowly, and rapid pressure changes are strictly prohibited. In addition, generally speaking, the test pressure is 1.3 times the design pressure. According to the specified pressure level, if the heat exchanger design pressure is
6bar, the test pressure needs to be suppressed to 7.8bar, the same applies to other pressure levels.

Before the pressure test, the pressure test should use two calibrated pressure gauges with an accuracy level of not less than 1.6 and the same range.
The range of the pressure gauge should be 1.5 to 3 times the design pressure, and the dial diameter should not be less than 100mm; and the two sides of the heat exchanger need to be pressure tested separately to ensure the accuracy and authenticity of the test.

Therefore, the pressure test before the heat exchanger leaves the factory is very important. Qingdao RPT has never been unambiguous in terms of quality, and is committed to providing customers with excellent quality heat exchanger products. Your inquiry is welcome.

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