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Insiders tell you how to select and replace the gaskets of plate heat exchangers

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Insiders tell you how to select and replace the gaskets of plate heat exchangers
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The selection and replacement of gaskets for plate heat exchangers is a topic that cannot be avoided in the assembly and after-sales replacement of heat exchange equipment.Whether it is the assembly of the whole machine, or the replacement after aging or failure, in the eyes of the industry, how to choose and replace is very important. I will talk about it here today.

In principle, it is divided into two types, one is adhesive, and the other is non-adhesive. Each non-adhesive has its own form. No matter what form it is, its main purpose is to seal, so it is good
The gasket must have good sealing.
This is a necessary condition for selection.
Choosing different materials for different media is another important condition.

Because you can never use the nitrile rubber used in oil on steam, it will have no effect, and it will even affect safety, which is very detrimental to production.

gaskets of plate heat exchanges

As a kind of vulnerable parts, aging, hardening, and failure are its normal conditions.
Therefore, regular inspections are necessary.
The replacement pays attention to the right medicine.
It is the basic principle to choose what kind of gasket corresponding to the plate type. The second is to look at the medium. It is better if there is a detailed analysis and test report of the medium, because this is of great benefit to the choice.
Its positioning on the plate is another detail.
There is a gasket groove on each plate, which is placed along the groove and positioned according to the suspension method generally without major problems. For replacement, it will not leak after being replaced.

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