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Automatic welding of plate and shell heat exchangers

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Automatic welding of plate and shell heat exchangers
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Plate and shell heat exchanger as the core heat transfer components, its production assembly and welding is a very important process. The plate pack welding quality directly affects the efficiency of heat transfer level.

plate packSince then, the board beam of automated welding type foreign technology only mastered, can be said to have reached the point of monopoly, if you can achieve automatic welding assembly of the board beam, bring the significance of it will be unprecedented.

If the realization of automated welding harness, then you can replace the manual operation, which will bring about a significant increase in production efficiency. The production time for a plate and shell heat exchanger will be reduced, and the economic cost will be reduced. In addition, it will change the previous instability of manual welding, improve the failure rate and heat transfer efficiency.

The automatic welding of the plate and shell heat exchanger packs was first developed by a large Chinese manufacturer, and then by Qingdao Ruipute. Ltd. has also realized this technology through continuous technological development and upgrading. After making full use of this technology, our production efficiency is improved and the production of complete equipment is also moving towards scale.

Automatic welding of plate and shell heat exchangers

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