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It's because of gasket that making your heat exchanger breakdown

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It's because of gasket that making your heat exchanger breakdown
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All customers bought the heat exchanger by themselves, but found that after three months, they suddenly went on strike and needed to replace the rubber heat exchanger gaskets. Some merchants wholesaled the rubber gaskets, but received complaints every three to five times. Have you considered the reason?

Firstly, the choice of raw materials. When choosing cheap raw materials for cost reduction, the temperature resistance, replacement and solvent resistance have already had results, and it is not surprising to use it for three months; on the other hand, Ruipute has completely become a number of heat exchanger manufacturers If there is no gap in rubber mixing, it is best to do it, whether it is raw materials or auxiliary materials, they are all imported quality.

Plate heat exchanger gasket

In the process, temperature resistance, stretching, poor tear resistance, high compression deformation rate, etc. may be the cause of liquid leakage. Which kind of process can completely eliminate the above problems? The manufacturing process of Ruipute's rubber gaskets is strictly in accordance with the order of formula-mixing-extrusion-primary vulcanization-secondary vulcanization-inspection and repacking.

The role of the laboratory is consistent. Whether it is testing raw materials and auxiliary materials, mixing rubber performance testing, customer media, and finished product testing, it has its presence. There are laboratory equipment customized according to international first-line brands. Are you still worried about this process ?

And not mention the molds used for vulcanization are all customized according to the original standard of international brands.

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