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Treatment method of heat exchanger medium leakage

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Treatment method of heat exchanger medium leakage
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The heat exchanger has a very good sealing performance, so it can maintain a high heat exchange efficiency during heat exchange, and there will be basically no leakage during the entire heat exchange process, and the heat exchanger medium leaks What to do. The following points are about the treatment of medium leakage:

heat exchanger medium

1. Disassemble the heat exchanger and repair or replace the deformed parts of the plates. When there are no spare parts for the plates, the deformed parts can be temporarily removed and reassembled for use.

2. In the no-pressure state, re-clamp the equipment according to the clamping size provided by the manufacturer. The size should be uniform, and the deviation of the compaction size should not be greater than ±0.2N (mm), N is the total number of plates, between the two compression plates The parallelism should be kept within 2mm. Ensure that the heat exchanger mediumis not exposed.

3. When reassembling the disassembled heat exchanger plates, clean the plate surface to prevent dirt from adhering to the gasket sealing surface.

4. Mark the leaking parts of the medium of the heat exchanger, and then check and solve them one by one, and reassemble or replace the gaskets and plates.

The leakage of heat exchanger medium will affect its working efficiency, so it is necessary to carry out regular maintenance and inspections when using it correctly, so as to avoid failure and affect working efficiency. In addition, it is recommended to install a seal to prevent leakage.

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