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The solutions of plate heat exchanger liquid leakage

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The solutions of plate heat exchanger liquid leakage
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The plate heat exchanger is widely used in metallurgy, mining, petroleum, chemical industry and other industries, but in the process of use, there will be a variety of problems,plate heat exchanger liquid leakage is a common one, before we have introduced the causes of this problem, today let's take a look at its solution.

plate heat exchanger liquid leakage

1. Adjust the operation parameters to meet the design conditions.

2. Replace the cracked or perforated plate, and find the plate crack with light transmission method on site.

3. Reasonable matching of plate material of plate heat exchanger.

4. When the heat exchanger is repaired and assembled, the clamping size should meet the requirements, not the smaller the better.

The plate heat exchanger in the process of using, it may happen heat exchanger liquid leakage, or other different problems, but as long as we understand the causes of the problem, we can solve this problem in time, find and solve it in time, to avoid unnecessary losses.

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