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Reasons for imperfect heat exchanger installation and use

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Reasons for imperfect heat exchanger installation and use
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    1, plate heat exchanger itself

    Many users in the purchase of heat exchangers only to provide heat transfer area, no heat transfer, media flow, import and export temperature and other specific data, resulting in the purchase of plate heat exchanger although the right model area, but the combination of unreasonable processes, plate heat exchangers can not reach the desired effect, even on this basis to increase the area is useless.

waste heat recovery heat exchanger

    2, the system configuration reasons

Plate heat exchanger only to play a heat conversion role, follow the law of energy conduction, that is, the hot side of the heat put away is equal to the cold side of the heat absorbed, in many cases, the hot side of the heat from the heating system does not have enough cold side of the cooling water to take away, such as water volume is not enough, water temperature is not enough, resulting in the hot side of the temperature does not come down, if this is the reason, the heat exchanger and then big also useless.

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