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How to determine the size and angle of plate heat exchanger plate?

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How to determine the size and angle of plate heat exchanger plate?
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In the previous chapter, we introduced the main structural components of plate heat exchanger, including gasket, plate and frame. The importance of the material and production process of the gasket is also analyzed. Today, we mainly introduce how to determine the size and angle of plate heat exchanger plate.

plate heat exchanger plate

The determination of size and angle of plate heat exchanger plate is mainly based on the following points:

1. Types of media

Here, the type of media is mainly explained according to the special media. For example, the mortar used in photovoltaic industry has high viscosity and low flow rate. Therefore, when choosing the design, we will give priority to small angle, so that the flow rate can be increased.

2. Flow

For example, in the steam water heat exchanger, if the steam flow rate is too large, then our first consideration is to give priority to small angle. Because the steam flow rate itself is fast, plus the current large flow rate, considering that the steam heat can be fully utilized, small angle is the first choice!

3. Heat transfer area

Some heat exchangers need to be replaced as a whole because of their long history, but without knowing any parameters, it is OK to provide heat transfer area. According to the heat transfer area to calculate the approximate number of channels, according to the average value of the medium flow velocity in the plate heat exchanger to calculate whether some channels can meet, so as to determine the plate size and angle of plate heat exchanger.

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