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Practical application of plate and shell heat exchanger in paper industry

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Practical application of plate and shell heat exchanger in paper industry
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In the paper-making industry, steam-heated anaerobic water uses a plate and shell heat exchanger, the steam is 0.2MPa (G) saturated steam (sometimes there will be condensed water), and anaerobic water contains a small amount of sludge and other impurities .

Due to the sometimes condensed water in the steam, the system will have a "water hammer" phenomenon, which has a serious impact on the equipment and requires the equipment to have strong impact resistance; while the anaerobic water has sludge and impurities, the equipment must not be easily blocked, and It can be backwashed, and it should be easy to disassemble and clean. In response to the special requirements of this working condition, we adopt a detachable plate and shell heat exchanger, which can draw out the plate bundle for washing, and select a deep corrugated plate that is not easy to block. After replacement, the number of equipment disassembly and cleaning was reduced by 80%, and there was no leakage due to impact.

New and old equipment site:

New and old equipment site PSHE 1

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application of qdreapter PSHE 3

Qingdao Reapter Heat Exchange Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has designed and produced plate and shell heat exchangers for the industry. It has excellent performance, high heat exchange efficiency, high safety, and is not easy to scale. It has won praise from many customers at home and abroad.

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