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Plate and shell heat exchanger as raw water heater application

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Plate and shell heat exchanger as raw water heater application
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Now people's energy saving and environmental protection consciousness is more and more strong, the application of spent steam is more and more widespread, the need for spent steam condenser is more and more, plate and shell heat exchanger has become the most suitable equipment for spent steam condenser, more and more applications.


Plate and shell heat exchangers for raw water heaters are a good example of spent steam condensation in the electric power and boiler industry, with the following advantages.

 raw water heater application

1, most of the spent steam carry condensation water, occasional impact, plate and shell type heat exchanger as a full welding equipment, its high security, strong impact resistance.


2, the pressure of spent steam is mostly less than atmospheric pressure, its relative pressure is negative pressure, the requirement that the equipment used should have the ability to withstand negative pressure, plate and shell heat exchanger as a full welding equipment, its resistance to negative pressure and high pressure capacity, can meet the requirements of negative pressure spent steam.


3, the heat transfer coefficient of spent steam is relatively low, if the use of shell and tube heat exchanger and other traditional heat transfer equipment, its size, high cost, while the plate shell heat exchanger is a plate heat exchanger, its heat transfer coefficient is much higher than the shell and tube heat exchanger, for spent steam condensation can take full advantage of the characteristics of the plate heat transfer effect.


4, raw water heater heating water temperature difference is not large, its flow is large, plate and shell heat exchanger as a circular plate heat exchanger, the process is not long, the flow channel is more, fully comply with the raw water heater is heated water side of the use of requirements.


5, raw water heaters generally require water side material is also stainless steel material, its small size, the use of metal materials, its cost is low.


Qingdao Ruipute plate and shell heat exchanger delivery diagram.

 plate and shell heat exchanger

Plate and shell heat exchanger as raw water heater use, small size, small weight, low cost, high safety, long life, in the future, its use is bound to be more broad prospects.

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