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A full list of applications for plate heat exchangers is shown, which can be directly used for content

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A full list of applications for plate heat exchangers is shown, which can be directly used for content
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Theplate heat exchangerhas a wide range of applications and is a very important heat exchange device that allows heat exchange between media of different temperatures. They are commonly used for heating, cooling, evaporation, condensation, and various vapors, liquids, etc.

The application areas of plate heat exchangers mainly include
I. Refrigeration: used as condenser and evaporator.
Heating: heating stations for winter heating systems.
Chemical industry: intermediate heating and cooling process of chemical reaction.

Four, metallurgical industry: blast furnace, continuous casting machine, continuous rolling mill oil, oxygen generator and other cooling systems.

plate heat exchanger

Fifth, the machinery industry: cooling of various quenching fluids, cooling of lubricants for reducers, etc.
Sixth, the power industry: the cooling of high-voltage transformer oil, the cooling of generator bearing oil, etc.
Seven, the paper industry: heat recovery, heating, pulp washing, etc. in bleaching.
Eight, the food industry: sterilization and cooling of fruit juice, heating and cooling of animal and vegetable oils, etc.
Nine, oil and grease process: soap-based atmospheric pressure drying, a variety of process fluid heating or cooling.
Ten, centralized heating: district heating of waste heat from thermal power plants, heating bath water.
Eleven, other: petroleum, medicine, nuclear industry, shipping, shipping, seawater development, geothermal and solar energy utilization.

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