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Heat exchanger leakage caused by temperature

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Heat exchanger leakage caused by temperature
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For the heat exchanger widely used in daily life, there are certain standards when it is used, and the temperature is one of them. Too high or too low is the impact on the equipment, heat exchanger leakage is a common fault caused by temperature. The heat exchanger manufacturer will introduce how the temperature affects the heat exchanger.

heat exchanger leakage

1.Influence of temperature on gasket

The flange of heat exchanger is made of oil resistant asbestos rubber sheet. The gasket will age and lose its elasticity under the high temperature of 55 ~ 120?for a long time, resulting in the loss of gasket.

2.Influence of temperature on material properties

The seal between the floating head cover and the floating head tube sheet of the heat exchanger is that two hook rings are clamped on the back of the tube sheet to form a hook flange, which is connected by bolts. The hook flange is cut into two pieces after integral processing. In the process of using hook ring, bolt and other materials, due to the long-term high temperature environment of 100 ~ 120?, their mechanical properties will be reduced, and creep and stress relaxation will also occur (the thermal expansion of different parts of the same hook card is also different), so that the tightening force of the bolt will be reduced. As a result, the pressure of the flange on the cushion is reduced and the heat exchanger leakage phenomenon occurs.

3.Influence of temperature difference

There is a temperature difference between the flange, cylinder, bolt, pipe box and gasket of the heat exchanger, which causes uneven thermal expansion and cold contraction of each part and leads to leakage of the flange gasket of the equipment.

To sum up, the unsuitable temperature has a great influence on the stability of the heat exchanger, which changes the sealing surface of the flange,the sealing degree of floating head flange is affected, and heat exchanger leakage is caused by this. Therefore, we must pay more attention to the influence of temperature when using.

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