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The reason of affecting the operation of plate heat exchanger

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The reason of affecting the operation of plate heat exchanger
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When the plate heat exchanger was bought back, its performance was very good. Everyone knew that the performance of the plate heat exchanger would decline after a long time of use. What are the reasons for the influence on the operation of the plate heat exchanger? The following plate heat exchanger manufacturers are detailed introduction:

operation of plate heat exchanger

1. System configuration reason. Plate heat exchanger only plays a role of heat conversion, and follows the law of energy conduction. That is, the heat released from the hot side is equal to the heat absorbed by the cold side. In many cases, the heat from the heating system is not taken away by enough cooling water on the cold side, such as insufficient water quantity and insufficient water temperature, which leads to the failure of the temperature at the hot side. If this is the reason, the plate heat exchanger is no longer large and useless.

2. Plate heat exchanger itself. Many users only provide heat exchange area when buying plate heat exchanger, without specific data such as heat exchange, medium flow, import and export temperature. As a result, the purchased plate heat exchanger, although the model area is correct, is unreasonable in process combination, and the operation of plate heat exchanger can not achieve the expected effect. Even if the area is increased on this basis, it is useless.

In conclusion, there are two main reasons for affecting the operation of plate heat exchanger. When using plate heat exchanger, it is necessary to regularly troubleshoot and maintain the plate heat exchanger. At the same time, it is necessary to purchase and purchase the plate heat exchanger after having a certain understanding.

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