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Committed to the pursuit of quality perfect plate heat exchanger enterprises

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Committed to the pursuit of quality perfect plate heat exchanger enterprises
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Quality is the life of enterprises, natural selection, survival of the fittest, today's world is an open world, an enterprise to survive, to ride the waves in the severe market competition, invincible, by what?It depends on - good product quality.

So in the heat exchanger industry with particularly fierce competition, it is no more than the same truth. In the face of so many domestic and foreign competitors, how can rip put maintain the trend of vigorous development in such a competitive environment?The bottom line is the quality of the product.

plate heat exchanger

plate heat exchanger 

Since the establishment of the factory 13 years ago, rept has always adhered to the principle of "quality first". In the production of products, it strictly follows the quality management system of European standards. The products have passed the certification of CE and ASME system.The procurement of stainless steel raw materials, and alfa laval same origin, the selection of foreign background of raw materials suppliers, to ensure the quality of raw materials, the use of the best alloy steel mold materials;The production process standard and quality control system of rubber strip are consistent with the international first-line brand gieslavi. The raw materials and auxiliary materials of the blended rubber strip are all purchased from the big international imported brands. We have our own laboratory, which can carry out performance testing on the raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products, so as to ensure the quality of each rubber strip delivered from the factory.

A Japanese entrepreneur once said: "no ship can't sink, no enterprise can't fail, everything depends on the efforts of people.Our Qingdao ruiput staff also has been adhering to the quality of the production concept, to the integrity of the brand, to the quality of the famous brand.

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