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CRRC holds up half the sky of “One Belt And One Road“, and Ruipute wins glory for the country with his feet firmly on the ground

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CRRC holds up half the sky of
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From 2013  President Xi building the cooperation of all the way "area" initiative, in the countries along the car group for our country and to develop mutual political trust, economic integration, culture include the interests of the community, community of fate and responsibility has made a great contribution to the community, "area" in 2017 to build situation officials said at a news conference data show that 83% of the world countries with railway car products are running.

In the process of car group, actively promote the localization of countries along the construction, the current "in the car manufacture" has six continents 102 countries and regions worldwide, create employment and tax revenue for the project-host country, perfect the rail transportation industry chain, enhance the level of rail transit industry development and established a complete ecosystem around "railway".

Up to now, CRRC export has changed from simple cooperation on products to cooperation on technologies, products, capital and services. In 2016, CRRC officially put into operation its first rail transit equipment manufacturing plant in South Asia, which is mainly engaged in the production and manufacturing of railway motors. Due to the high demand for heat exchangers, plates and rubber strips in the production line, the cooperation between CRRC and GEA group (a technology and equipment company) has entered a stage of deep cooperation. With the continuous expansion of the "one belt and one road" initiative in the world and the continuous expansion of the business of CRRC group, the demand for heat exchangers, plates and rubber strips has increased. CRRC outbound investment and Commerce Department went to Qingdao ruiput, which has been supplying products for foreign brand manufacturers for 13 consecutive years, and put forward the demand for GEA homogeneous products.

plate heat exchanger

plate heat exchanger 

Since CRRC needs products with the title of "made in China" to serve the world's friends and neighbors, rupert has attached great importance to the supply demand and strictly controlled the quality testing process. In fact, CRRC chose ruiput from a number of domestic heat exchanger manufacturers, because it is an "innovative" company with a technology research and development team with nearly 20 years of experience. The 17-member team ensures that it will carry out synchronous technical upgrading with Alfa Laval and GEA, and conduct regular technical assessment. Could put GEA series products appear in the car group in the "area" on the journey, until now already normal commissioning two years, and has no problem, Ruipute technology research and development personnel hung's "heart" is still not to know that we have with GEA, Alfa Laval international brands such as gap, continue to research and development and improve the processing technology and technical level, make the "Made in China" in the world.

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