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Industrial removable plate heat exchanger, you really remove the right

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Industrial removable plate heat exchanger, you really remove the right
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In today's rapid economic development, industrial detachable plate heat exchanger has become the production of essential heat exchange equipment, widely used in petroleum, chemical, power metallurgy, shipping, machinery and other industries, is an important energy-saving equipment in industrial production installations.

The specificity of the industry makes the industrial detachable plate heat exchanger in operation to withstand a more severe test, in order to maintain efficient equipment, a long time normal operation, to extend the service life of equipment, must be regularly cleaned and maintained. But how do we disassemble when cleaning? The following points should be noted.

1, we have to do before the plate heat exchanger disassembly process to mark and size records to ensure that when reinstalled to ensure that the equipment returns to its original appearance.

2, plate heat exchanger gasket even if the removal should be bonded in the groove of the plate, we need to use a screwdriver to separate it, and then from a relatively simple separation of the place to start, along the perimeter of the plate for separation, the process we have to be very careful to avoid damage to the equipment plate and gasket.

3?After we disassemble the gasket and plate, we should pay attention to the appropriate use of some organic solvents, wipe the groove inside clean, and then use a brush to evenly apply the fixing agent on the groove of the plate.

4, in order to install the plate before to ensure that the components are not perforated, damaged, corrosion and other phenomena, we generally use a magnifying glass or kerosene penetration to carry out this process to test.

5?If there is still a large accumulation of impurities inside the equipment, then we need to clean the filter, which is an area that we need to strictly review after disassembly.

Industrial removable plate heat exchanger

6, we are disassembled after the maintenance of the equipment is also a certain amount of attention, in general cleaning can only be used in three ways, respectively, backwashing, manual cleaning and chemical cleaning, we also need to carry out specific custom cleaning process according to the specific circumstances. The above content you can take as a reference, the specific situation or you need to dock with the manufacturer technology, to understand our specific process to achieve the right medicine.

The above content you can take as a reference, the specific situation or need and professional manufacturers to interface. Qingdao Ripert, look forward to cooperating with you.

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