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Application of Plate and Shell Heat Exchanger in Steam Generator Industry

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Application of Plate and Shell Heat Exchanger in Steam Generator Industry
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With the improvement of people's living standards, more and more clean steam needs to be used in food, medical and pharmaceutical industries. Plate and shell heat exchangers are very suitable for use as steam generators.

First use industrial steam to vaporize high-temperature purified water into clean steam through the plate and shell packs, and then use the plate and shell heat exchanger as a preheater to use the steam-water mixture after passing through the steam generator to improve the low-temperature pure water. Realize the full use of industrial steam.

Plate pack welding effect diagram:

PSHE plate pack?bundle

As a preheater, the plate and shell heat exchanger solves two difficulties.

1. The pure water is heated by the steam-water mixture. This condition generally requires heating the pure water from 20°C to 110°C. The temperature difference is large. It is difficult to realize the shell-and-tube heat exchanger. Split range can solve this problem well.

2. The soda mixture is prone to "water hammer" phenomenon, which is easy to cause leakage for general equipment, and the fully welded plate and shell heat exchanger is suitable for this working condition.

As the main component of the steam generator, the plate and shell plate pack can take full advantage of the high efficiency and small size of the plate heat exchanger, and it is easy to place the plate pack in the container.

But whether it is a plate and shell preheater or a steam generator, it is prone to impact, and the welding quality of the plate pack must be excellent. Qingdao Reapter Heat Exchange Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. applies the plate and shell heat exchanger to such conditions Has rich experience, and the product is efficient and safe.

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