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Industrial plate heat exchanger custom-made, the right one is really good

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Industrial plate heat exchanger custom-made, the right one is really good
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With the development of plate heat exchanger application technology, more and more widely used in industry, but due to the diversity of media in industry, the special nature of ordinary heat exchange equipment may not be able to meet its use requirements, the application of industrial plate heat exchanger customized more and more.

The main reason for the industrial plate heat exchanger customized is the variety of media, industry with the media in the viscosity, thermal conductivity, specific heat, density and other physical properties with water have a large difference, or a variety of media mix, its concentration and composition varies, more evaporation and condensation and other working conditions. This requires in the selection, to take full account of these special features, select the appropriate corrugation depth, the appropriate corrugation shape, the size of the angle of the plate type or a variety of plate type of mixed installation, the purpose is to meet the heat transfer and pressure loss basically to achieve less investment in equipment, low operating costs.

Industrial plate heat exchanger

Another characteristic of industrial plate heat exchanger customized is the corrosive media. To choose the appropriate plate material according to the corrosive medium, such as sulfuric acid industry in different concentrations and different temperatures with different Hastelloy materials, C276, G30; alkali industry 316L, Ni (nickel); salt industry Ti (titanium), etc.. Chemical media also have different requirements for rubber, for EPDM, NBR, HNBR, FKM, CR and other rubber to fully consider the physical properties of the media. Only by choosing the right material can we achieve the expected service life.

Qingdao REAPTER has many years of experience in industrial plate heat exchanger customization, and according to the different media can adjust the formulation of rubber strips, according to the actual operating conditions, from a variety of considerations, to provide you with suitable, durable products.

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