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The manufacturer who can perfectly replace alfa Laval double wall plate heat exchanger

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The manufacturer who can perfectly replace alfa Laval double wall plate heat exchanger
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With the widely application of the heat exchanger in heat exchanger industry, the working condition of more and more widely used, working condition of the complexity of the requirement for plate heat exchanger is also more and more high, one of the research and development of Alfa Laval double wall plate plate heat exchanger, it is especially suitable for strict health level or industrial high safety and reliability of applications, to prevent confusion condition using two kinds of medium.

So what is it about the double siding? Double-wall boards of the two plate Angle hole aperture size is consistent, in order to prevent fluid from double-wall leakage between the plate of orifice plate flow path, the orifice of two plates welded together, form a sealing ring, i.e., according to the welding of between orifice plate seal, Angle of hole sealing washer is used only for heat exchange plate, the seal between the on the isolation material mixed with the highest safety.

What does Qingdao Rupute do in the development of double wall plate?

double wall plate heat exchanger

double wall plate heat exchanger 

In order to meet the requirements of different customers different condition, Qingdao Ruipute after long-term research and development, can provide a variety of plate type double-wall plate heat exchanger, at the same time of meet customers' different needs, do the stable product quality, outstanding performance, long service life and can replace double-wall panels of Alfa Laval plate heat exchanger.

Qingdao Ruipute double-wall plate heat exchanger avoids the mixing of two materials in the process of use, and the medium leakage can be directly monitored without pressure regulation in the operation of the equipment.The plate can be 304, 316L, Ti, Ni, C276, etc., to meet different media and different working conditions. Qingdao Ruipute double-wall plate heat exchanger has been able to mass produce, the product quality is reliable and stable, especially the high safety coefficient, in sanitary grade water, purified water and water for injection, has a wide range of applications.

If you need double wall plate heat exchanger, welcome to Rupert, Rupert can provide you with the quality of alfa Laval double wall plate heat exchanger equipment, will give you a satisfactory reply!

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