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Coal Chemical Industry - Application Case Study of Plate and Shell Heat Exchanger

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Coal Chemical Industry - Application Case Study of Plate and Shell Heat Exchanger
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Coal chemical industry, mainly coal gasification, liquefaction, dry distillation, tar processing, etc. Many parts of this process can be used in the plate and shell heat exchanger, Qingdao Ruipute equipment in the coal chemical industry is mainly used in the following industrial applications.


Case 1: Heat transfer between gas-liquid mixture and methanol

Some Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.'s mixed gas-liquid and methanol heat exchangers, respectively, condensing treatment of a variety of materials, the product design thermal load 93KW, mixed gas import and export temperature of 350 ?/150 ?, the maximum working pressure of 1.7Mpa, plate and shell heat exchanger products are made of all stainless steel structure, can effectively avoid corrosion problems.


Case 2: Hydrogen from methanol

The production plant of Coal Chemical Co., Ltd. uses methanol to produce hydrogen, and the whole process uses high-temperature gas mixture for heat transfer. In the process, the realization of energy recovery and recycling, plays a very important role in energy conservation and emission reduction, directly saving economic costs.


Case 3: Glycol from coal

Coal to glycol project, the specific design of the heat exchanger is as follows: plate and shell heat exchanger interface size: DN150, thermal load 4733KW, our products are compact, light weight, and flexible connection methods, can adapt to high operating temperature and pressure. The ability to fully adapt to the actual operating conditions of the customer.

 plate and shell heat exchanger in Coal Chemical Industry

The coal chemical industry is a traditional industry, under the advocacy of national policy of energy saving and environmental protection, it is a major event for the country and the people to fully utilize the heat exchanger equipment for the optimization of the process.


We have been hoping to improve the quality of plate and shell heat exchanger products to improve the production efficiency of the coal chemical industry, these applications part of the knowledge, in the subsequent development process we will not improve and improve, for energy saving and emission reduction to make a modest force.


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